The Accessibility of Your Facility Matters… It’s the Law.

Accessible Design Associates consults with your decision makers and staff in order to reduce your ADA obligation risks. Our company has vast experience in executing accessibility assessments, providing design solutions, scheduling compliance criteria, and providing a hands-on customized approach for each client. (Refer to our Facility Types page for more details.)

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) civil rights law has been around for over 25 years, meaning that every facility constructed and open to the public since that time needs to meet the strict accessibility guidelines. Any public or commercial facility constructed before the ADA must exercise a plan to execute readily achievable barrier removal. Facility additions, renovations, and remodeling performed also create ADA compliance mandates.

  • Assessment — ADA, LLC will survey your facilities to determine if there are architectural barriers and accessibility issues.
  • Solutions — ADA, LLC will develop and document solutions to correct any deficiencies found in the facilities assessment.
  • Plan & Capital Funding — ADA, LLC will provide a prioritized accessibility plan to implement the required corrections with your short and long term capital availability.
  • Verify — ADA, LLC will verify that the removal of architectural barriers is done properly.
  • Support — ADA, LLC will provide assistance throughout the ADA compliance process. We provide “peace of mind” in our clients “good faith effort” to comply with the ADA.

Accessible Design Associates, LLC will clear any myths or misconceptions that you may have regarding the ADA compliance requirements. We will consult with your staff, design professional and general contractor to obtain ADA compliance. Our company will strive to protect your reputation in your efforts in making your facility accessible while avoiding lawsuits and maintaining economic sense in your responsibility to comply with the spirit and intent of the ADA.